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Ottawa's Wood Restoration and Staining Company.

Our mission is to help Ottawa homeowners and businesses maintain their property. We specialize in restoring, staining, and maintaining exterior wood. Our goal is to protect our clients investment while exceeding their expectations by providing good customer service, and quality workmanship.

Capital Sealers Stained Cottage Ottawa


We ensure that the proper steps are taken to restore and stain your wood to provide you with the best results.

Cottage Stained By Capital Sealers In Ottawa


Our goal is to increase the value and beauty of your home by perfecting the look of your new wooden features. 

Sanded and Stained Cedar Deck In Ottawa Capital Sealers


With the application of the best products and industry expertise, we ensure that your wood will be protected while looking great.

Professional Wood Restoration and Staining ServicesOttawa Capital Sealers

Protect Your Investment.

Building a wooden deck, fence, gazebo, or cottage is a huge investment. Wood can really enhance the look of your home, but it needs to be protected with stain in order to last. 

Without protection, your wood will become grey from UV damage, rot, crack, and deteriorate overtime.

Staining your wood is the best way to ensure your wood lasts!

Bring Your Wood Back to Life!

Our team of experts can bring your wood back to life with our wood restoration process. 

Whether you have old stain, or your deck has gone grey, we can make it look brand new and seal it to make sure it's protected and looking great!

Restoring your deck is more cost effective than building a new one