Give Your Pavers a New Look!

Benefits To Sealing Your Pavers 

Protect Your Pavers in 3 Simple Steps

 Wash & Remove Stains

Old stains and dirt will be removed using high quality cleaners and a pressure washer. 

Fill & Stabilize Joints

We fill all paver joints with premium stabilizing joint sand to increase the strength and durability of the stones  

Seal & Protect

A high quality stabilizing sealer that fully penetrates and seals the stones and joint sand to provide it with complete protection. 

We Have Options For Everyone


Platinum Restoration

  • Stain Removal & Cleaning

  • Remove Old Polymeric Sand

  • Fill Joints with Gator Maxx G2  Sand

  • Seal Surface with Alliance Gator Sealer

Clean & Sand 

  • Stain Removal & Cleaning 

  • Remove Old Polymeric Sand 

  • Fill Joints with  Gator Maxx G2  Sand

Clean & Seal

  • Stain Removal & Cleaning 

  • Seal Surface with Alliance Gator Sealer

About Us

Capital Sealers is an Ottawa based restoration and sealing company who specializes in sealing wood, interlock and natural stone.It is our mission to provide Ottawa's residents and businesses with cost effective solutions to protecting their investments. By partnering with Eden Reforestation Projects, together we can plant trees and save the lives of many. 

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