Planting Trees 

Save Lives

Our Fight Against Deforestation

Trees Have A Huge Impact

Communities face many problems when forest systems are destroyed for industrial purposes. Trees provide shelter for animals, purify water, reduce erosion, eliminate flooding and give the soil nutrients for farming. Many families that rely on farming to survive are forced to work low wage jobs. Children are also needed to work and are unable to attend school. By planting trees, we are able to restore the habitat in their communities and allow farmers to work and provide for their families. That's why we will be working with the Eden reforestation project to support these farmers and their habitats. 

We will be supporting the Eden reforestation project by donating a percentage of our proceeds to help plant trees in African communities struggling with poverty. For every project we complete 1 tree will be planted. 

About Us

Capital Sealers is an Ottawa based restoration and sealing company who specializes in sealing wood, interlock and natural stone.It is our mission to provide Ottawa's residents and businesses with cost effective solutions to protecting their investments. By partnering with Eden Reforestation Projects, together we can plant trees and save the lives of many. 

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